About Spise Club

The Idea

Spise Club is an invite-only professional community for the World’s outstanding restaurants. We connect the most dedicated and innovative people in the industry.

Our digital platform makes it possible for member restaurants and their staff to meet up, share ideas and exchange extraordinary culinary experiences across the globe.

Why we are around

Being an outstanding restaurant is a journey that never ends. Hard work can take us a long way. But we also need creative breaks to fill up with inspiration, fresh ideas and new connections. That’s where Spise Club comes into play.

Our global network opens unlimited possibilities to explore new flavours, guest experiences and to experience gastronomical collaborations. Consider us as your own discovery lab that facilitates your exploration of the international culinary scene.

How it works

Spise Club is based on a handshake agreement where member restaurants offer each other dining experiences on special terms. We make it easy for you and your staff to go out and come back with inspiration. Visiting club members help to fill up your own tables on slower nights.

Based on secured technology, our digital platform provides a safe playground to interact with other restaurant professionals in an advertisement-free environment.

Say spise

'Spise' is Danish for 'eating' – like Copenhagen is Danish and represents innovation and succes in the restaurant industry today. It is pronounced somewhat like SPEESEH but feel free to pronounce it like SPICE. Spise Club is made to spice up the work life of restaurant staff all over the world.


Be outstanding

Spise Club is a network for restaurants with an outstanding level of food quality and hospitality.

However, we do not only exist for the rockstar chefs. Spise Club also makes space for the up and coming talents and innovative casual dining places. It could be a creative Bistro in Amsterdam or a food rebel from an underground tapas joint in Moscow. What matters is that you are able to bring something new and outstanding to the table. Something that can provide food for thought and an authentic experience to other club members.

And this is why we let it be up to our members themselves to decide who exactly they want to share their club with.


Joining Spise Club is by invitation only. This means that new members are selected and invited by existing member restaurants.

Restaurant members are expected to strictly follow our handshake principles, while individual members must exercise a professional conduct of respect and trust at all times.


Membership only applies to restaurants, who then provide personal access to their members of staff. Restaurants decide which members of staff will be granted access.

Current membership fee is 3 euro per person per month. First month is free of charge.

Applying for membership

The only way to become a member of Spise Club is by being invited by an existing member restaurant.

If you manage or own an outstanding restaurant and wish to join Spise Club, you can apply for membership. By doing so, existing members will be presented with your request and thereby have the possibility to easily invite your restaurant in just a few clicks.

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